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Stocktaking guide

Our stocktaking program with counting by weight workbook and printable reports, designed and written by a landlord for use by landlords. Instant download after cleared payment. TO buy it now and download it within seconds, use the button below

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Liquor stocktaking is quite a simple task provided you have the right stocktaking software, the mystery has always been how to count those part used items such as kegs, spirit bottles etc.  And for years that has been the reserve of the stock taker.  The next is having the means to run a stock take and that's where my excel based stocktaking program comes in. You can buy my stocktaking software straight from this site instant download after cleared payment see the bottom of this page  If you currently employ a stock taker to perform the task for you the chances are they use excel to run your stock take.

So for just £9.99 you have the second part covered.  Now for the main barrier to perform a stock count yourself those part used items.  The answer is simple and the solution has been around for years its called weight! Yes its simply just weigh them and here's what to do. I recommend bathroom scales for the kegs and digital kitchen scales for all other products.

Weigh in KG and grams and convert all to grams.

.         First of weigh a full container, bottle keg Bag in box etc. of the product, in the case of kegs you may have to weigh both the aluminum kegs and the steel kegs - don't worry if you don't have both in stock you will have up to four weeks to get one of each in)


.         Next weigh one measure of the product, place an empty glass on the scales, press tare or zero and replace the empty glass with one of the same type containing one full measure of the product record the weight in grams.


.         Next weigh an empty container of the product, empty kegs both aluminum and steel and spirit bottles, you will find that similar bottles will weight the same and you will find similar products have the same weight per measure .


.         Once you have recorded these weights, our stocktaking software allows you to do this, you can work out the amount of product in each part used container.


.         Weigh the part used container and take away the weight of the empty container and divide the remaining weight by the weight of one measure and then you have the number of measures left in the container.


For bag in box products weigh the empty box and a full box, as normal, divide the full boxes weight by the number of liters in it and you have the weight of one litre of product.  When it comes to finding out how much stock you can produce from it, times the number of liters remaining by the dilution rate (higher number found the box) and add the contents of the box in liters.


If you have 2 litre of product left in the box and the dilution rate is 5 to 1, 5 parts water to one part syrup you have 10 litre of water and 2 liters of syrup making 12 liters of finished product next times that by 1000 to get your finish product in ML and then divide that figure by 568 to get the number of pints of finished product you have.


With post mix products do not worry about what is in the lines, it was there at the start and will still be there at the end, with draft beers  etc. our software will record the number of pints in the lines for you. (subject to you entering the correct information on set up)


If you combine you stock take with line cleaning this may save you time and if you clean your optic at the same time as you weight you spirits etc. again this will save you time.


Do not panic if you do not have all the full and empty containers you require to weigh at the start of your stock take (opening count) you will have plenty of time to gather the info.  If you still have not received the required empty containers by the time you need to perform you closing count they again don't worry just reweigh the part container and take the weight away from you recorded opening weight and then divide the difference by the weight of a  measure.


If you use the stocktaking's ordering  sheet and check that the delivery matches the order and enter all items bought from the cash and carry you will not need to trawl through all your invoices to enter purchases, it will have been done as you went.

To get the most from your stock take I recommend you invest in a fully reporting till or epos system, one that reports all you items sold by line (PLU)  and can record totals sales by day, week and by month.  You may like to invest in one, using the money you save in stock takers fees.  Our software will delivery full reports or bulk reports , so there is no need for a fully stock reporting till but they really do help you control shrinkage.


With a stock taker costing anything from £80 to £120 a month and our stocktaking software only costing  £9.99 you will soon save enough money to up grade your till and reap the full benefits of stocktaking.  Its oone thing being told your stock is short another being told which stock is short!


Instant download after cleared payment and can be ready to use with minutes.

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