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Till cashing software for pubs, bars and clubs

Managing a pub has never been an easy job and the office is the last place you want to be, but to be a successful business you must be in control. We have therefore designed some till cashing software for you to be able to cash-up up to five tills and generate those vital bar management reports all at the same time.

Using our excel based software could not be easier and you will automatically be generating helpful management reports, such as machine splits, sales splits, wage to sales ratios. You will also be able to record all your cash movements from the till to the bank and it even warns you if you are holding too much ash in your safe or taking to much in transit for your insurance cover.

simple to use and easy to set up this software is a must for any bar manager, imagine having the bulk of your paper work done for you as you cash up.

We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.

Only got one till to cash then buy this version for only £2.49


If you cash two tills a day then this is the version for you only £2.99

PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD NOW Only £2.99, to save yourself a lot of work!

Got three tills to cash then this versions for you only £3.49


Yes! as you cash your tills all the figures are totaled and reports are generated automatically saving you hours of work, each till is balance individually and the totals are added together for reports only £3.49

Got a really busy pub or club then this versions for you cash five tills yes each till is balanced individually and the figures are collated into management reports. Ever version also controls the floats and safe contents meaning that you can balance your safe at the end of the day / week if you wish only £4.99 for this version.


five till version only £4.99

Each and every version does the same and produces the same reports it is just that the more tills you have to cash-up the easier it is to do the job with this excel based software.

Our till cashing software has been designed to help you handle all of your takings, floats and banking.  Each of the versions allows you to cash your tills with ease and speed. 

They also allow you to record machine income, card payments, cigarette slips from the vending company, subs to staff, loans to customers, float totals, safe totals and banking totals and much more.

In addition they will tell you in words if your tills are balanced, short or over.  A special feature even alerts you to the possibility that you may have entered the digits of a figure in they wrong way around, which is so often the cause of an unbalanced till.

The software will also warn you if you have to much cash in the safe or if you are taking to much cash to the bank to be covered by your insurance.

The main features of the this till cashing software are:

  • Downloadable straight after cleared payment, from this website.
  • Cash between one and five tills, set up to five different floats.
  • Tells you if your till is balanced, short or over in words and figures.
  • Special feature alerts you too the possible incorrect entry of a figure.
  • Generates a change order for you.
  • Records sales by department and all totals for the week.
  • Give splits and reports wage budget %'s, machine splits, sales splits.
  • Records cheque and card payments and cash totals for you.
  • Handles all you cash and bank payments for you.
  • Allows you to record subs to staff and cash loans to customers.
  • Record staff's no sales.
  • Allows you to balance your safe
  • Gives you full control over the cash movements of your business

Full email support is included.




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