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If you are looking for a stocktaking program that will allow you to perform a full stock take then this stocktaking software is for you. Following months of development we have now produced our best ever stocktaking program for the licensed trade.

This new stocktaking software will take your stocktaking abilities to another level designed and written by licensee's for use by licensee's managing your pub or bar will never be easier. This software will help you with most of your pub management office tasks and is available for download from this website today for just £19.99. Or a CD version is available for just £25.99 including P&P

Please use the button below to buy this product in download form only £19.99 no need for a paypal account.

We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.
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alternatively use the button below to purchased this stocktaking software on a CD, a download link email will also be sent to you and your CD will be posted on to you. Only£25.99 including P&P

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The main features of a liquor stocktaking program is that it has a fully integrated till cashing and order system that means every time you cash up or order stock you automatically update your stock take totals and that means that on stocktaking day all's you will have to do is count and enter the stock into the software and the whole stock take will be over, your closing stock will automatically become your opening stock for you.

The stocktaking program will also help you set all the bar prices to the correct gross profit margin and will help you maintain them with ease and it will produce a printable ready to use legal bar price list for you. The software is excel based and very easy to both set up and use. It is downloadable in zip format and is 8Mb when zipped and 40 Mb when unzipped, don't worry if you don't have a unzipping program a link to a free edition is also sent to you and it is very easy to use.

By buying our best ever stocktaking program you will be able to have major control over your pub, bar business and will save a small fortune in stocktaking fees. The system covers the cashing of up to three tills and is crammed full of all the management reports you can think off it even comes with a sheet to help you work out your post mix selling ratios.

There's another calculation sheet to help count those part used kegs bottles etc. and the price setting has sheets to suggest selling prices and to remove or add VAT to a price for you. By filling in the require information during set up you will be shown you current Gross profit % for each and every product you will then be asked to confirm that you are happy with the margins and given an opportunity to change the prices.

The till cashing software will enable to handle and record all your cash transactions from the till to the bank it can even generate a change order for you, warn about insurance limits and it can even alert you to the fact that you may have entered two or more digits into the sheet the wrong way around. This software will also allow you to record all your machine takings, card and cheque payment and wages it will even report you wage to sales ratios both net of Vat and gross of Vat all your splits are reported and it even has a section for recording subs to staff and loans to customers.

The stocktaking program will give you all your required reports plus brewers barrelage breakdown of draft and bottle orders, you total liters of spirits ordered and all you wine order even BIB is also reported in bottles - great info for when you need to negotiate a better deal. It will also warn you about stagnant stock (stock that is not selling) over ordering and even possible miscounts.

A truly powerful stocktaking program that is a must for anyone in the licensed trade this stocktaking software will cut right through your bar manager's workload freeing up time which is best spent in the bar meeting and greeting your customers yet its powerful reports and functions are guaranteed to put your business on a better fitting. Start today and say good bye to £100's in stock takers fees alone and all for under twenty quid delivered. I have seen other stocktaking programs costing £300 plus that don't perform half the functions of he stocktaking software if you can count you can use my program .

Please feel free to surf the net to find a better stocktaking system than this please remember to bookmark this page first for I'm certain that you will want to return to it - that's why I advertise other stocktaking software providers on my sites, yes I own more than one, I am confident you wont beat mine on both price and performance

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Or get it by download and on CD, the CD contains other products that are sent free and designed to help you run a successful pub.

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