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Food stocktaking software

A complete food stocktaking and menu pricing program for all those in the pub, restaurant, hotel, cafè, club, take-away, or anywhere selling food.

This easy to use food stocktaking program will allow the user to set the full selling price of their entire menu. With its extensive product costing sheets ever item of food you buy for your kitchen can be costed per portion. From this you can build menu items correctly costed and from that the software will suggest selling prices (including VAT) to ensure you achieve the correct gross profit. Changing costing could not be easier as just changing the supplier cost will automatically update all the relevant workbooks.

The stocktaking function is automatically set up as you cost your menu and you are given reports on target GP% and Achieved GP%, waste % and values, both from kitchen waste and plated meals waste (returned meals) which allows you to analyse whether you waste is due to over ordering of stock or bad cooking.

You will be shown the total sales value and the cost values for a given period, the total waste value for a period, a break down by department of you best performing menu group.

This stocktaking software works in excel 2007 and above only and will is available for just £19.99 which will make it the best value food stocktaking software available today.

Designed to help anyone perform their own stock take and take full control over their menu costing's. Don't just think your making a profit - know you are!

Used and set up correctly adjusting your menu's prices could not be easier just enter the new supplier costs and every item is automatically updated and there's a one cell VAT change which updates the whole of the software. Making a job that could take hours become a job that just takes minutes or even seconds. There even a calculator for finding the average price of items who's cost prices may change on an almost daily bases!

We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.

Available for instant download for just £19.99 you could be using this software within minutes of now!




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