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Bar Staff Training Manual

Employment law requires that your bar staff receive training and guidance on how to perform their job so we have written this five module bar staff training manual for all those working in the licensed trade. The manual covers underage drinking, drugs use and dealing, the importance of measures, dealing with violence and fire safety.

The whole manual costs just £11.99 and comes in fully editable word format and there is guidance notes for DPS on the law covering each area. You simply have to hit the button below to pay and our fully automated delivery system will check your payment and then automatically send you a download link in an email - its working day and night.
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Buy it now only £11.99

Try our new online exams for bar staff and be able to prove due diligence when it comes to training as each exam comes with a pass certificate with the score achieved by each member of staff. Simply buy the pass you require and then have your staff take the tests on your computer or even their smart phones. We also have a pre-employment exam / test which is designed to inform you just how experienced your job applicants are pricing from just £3.99 for one exam to £14.99 for a whole days pass allowing you to test as many staff as you like (subject to time restraints) or just £11.99 for five exams our prices won't break the bank and you can sleep that little bit easier at night knowing that you have done your bit MORE DETAILS AND PURCHASE CLICK HERE. Please note these exams are not included in the everything on this site offer.

Without proper training your staff and business is at risk you loose the possible due diligence defence against any court action and you are leaving yourself wide open to prosecution for offenses your bar staff have committed through ignorance of the law. Serving underage is a major offense and the DPS is often the one who takes the biggest hit, yet you will be surprised at the number of times employees check the date of birth on I.D. but don't even to check if the I.D. is real or not. The underage module amongst many things shows your staff how to spot fake I.D. and includes pictures to guide them. Contains much much more.

You might not fully understand the importance of measures in the licensed trade and nor will your employees get it wrong and hefty fines could be coming your way and even bad press could follow. Are you serving the correct measure indeed are you even offering the correct measure the law has changed - did you know you are now required to offer 125ml as a wine glass size and charging for tap water is an offense on a licensed premises even in restaurants. This module will also train your staff on how to serve a customer correctly where and how to hold a glass and use optics.

Drugs in pubs this module will show your staff the main forms of illegal drugs being taken today, it will tell them the main symptoms shown by a person who has taken them. How to spot drug use and dealing, the classification of drugs and penalties for use and dealing and how to prevent the use of drugs on your premises. Did you know that the maximum penalty for any licensee that knowingly allows our facilitates the dealing of drugs on their premises is 14 years imprisonment.

Dealing with violence, prevention is better then cure and that is certainly true when it comes to violence this module will tell your staff how to spot the different stages of getting drunk and how to spot a customer who might be turning violent. It give guidance on what to do should a violent situation occur and covers reporting and preventative measures - have you told your staff what they should and shouldn't do in these situations. Your staff should be as protected as your customers its the law!

Fire action you have a legal duty to have a fire action plan in place on your premises and your employees should have clear idea of what they are required to do on the discovery of fire and which members have what role. Every new employee must receive basic training, a fire walk trough, how to use a fire extinguisher and exactly what they are required to do should a fire breakout at the premises this module covers this and much more in great detail - do you know where your fire assembly point is? When should you fight a fire and when should you not?

Buy it now only £11.99




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